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Domestic Fuel Tanks Frequently Asked Questions

What Size of Tank will I need?

The size of tank you need to install will be relative to the size of your property and your heating requirements.

Must all new Domestic Oil tanks be Bunded?

No, but there are environmental regulations that dictate whether you need to fit a bunded tank on your property, more details of which can be found on our Domestic Regulations page.    If you decide to use Sweetfuels for replacing/installing your tank we conduct a free site survey during which we will determine if you are legally required to have a bunded tank fitted.

Where should I Locate my Tank?

Building regulations must be taken into account, especially when deciding where to locate the tank, as well as access to the tank for filling purposes. With our expertise we can help you decide the best installation to fit your needs.

Is a Concrete Base essential?

No, but a correctly designed concrete base will generally last the life of the tank and ensure that the tank installation remains rigid and does not become susceptible to movement that could cause fractures in associated pipework or the tank structure itself.  Such damage caused to tank installations on other types of surface may also invalidate the tank’s warranty.

If I build my own Base will you still Install the Tank for me?

Yes, provided that you can show us the installation details and confirm that all of the work has been carried out in line with the correct and current regulations and standards.

Should I use all the Oil in my existing Tank before it is Changed?

No, in fact if you run the tank right down, sludge can be drawn into the pipework stalling the boiler pump, and potentially causing additional repair bills.  We recommend you maintain an oil level in your old tank above 500 litres to allow us to check connections and bleed the system.

Will I still have Heating and Hot Water while my Tank is being Replaced?

Yes, we install temporary tankage while your new installation is in progress.

How will I Dispose of my old Tank?

We will remove your old tank directly to a waste disposal site licensed for this purpose, and provide you with all of the correct paperwork to ensure compliance under current regulations.

What is OFTEC Registration?

The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) is the trade body that ensures that all oil fuel heating installation work is carried out to the relevant standards, and that members are kept up to date with any changes in legislation.  By demonstrating our continued commitment to maintaining those standards, OFTEC issue us and our technicians with valid certification providing you with full assurance that your project will be completed to the highest competency.

What if my old Tank starts to Leak?

Call us immediately on 01367 718333 and we will arrange an emergency call-out to address the problem.  This may involve pumping-out the tank or arranging temporary storage capacity for you.  We will also provide advice on how to minimise pollution, and on any clean-up processes you will need to put in hand.

Do you just Install New Oil Tanks?

No, we can provide a full range of Domestic Oil Tank services, including regular inspections and maintenance,  replacement of pipework, filters, pressure testing of fuel lines, transferring fuel oil, plus bleeding and restarting systems.

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