Tank Maintenance Contracts

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Environmental controls on any form of oil storage are particularly stringent. Therefore, even minor failures with such an installation can result in pollution incidents, and clean-up operations with costs extending into the thousands of pounds.   More serious failures will also result in prosecution by the Environment Agency, particularly if negligence can be proven.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the tank installation will greatly decrease the possibility of any such events.  In addition, the ability to demonstrate that regular professional checks are being made can help to reduce the cost of insurance premiums for the additional insurance coverage needed for all domestic properties where heating oil storage tanks are installed.

Sweetfuels provides flexible maintenance contracts that are tailored to fit your specific oil fuel storage installation.  This can include inspection and checks on the following:

  • Condition of the tank, particularly for any signs of corrosion or stress fractures, and that the tank installation retains compliance with the appropriate regulations.
  • For bunded tanks, that there is no oil within the bund that may indicate tank failure, plus condition of the bund itself to ensure it will hold oil in the event of an internal tank failure
  • Tank supports and base for any signs of subsidence or degradation of tank support structures and security of fittings
  • That isolation valves are in working order to ensure that the tank can be quickly isolated to prevent oil loss in the event of any accidental system leakage occurring
  • The pipework for damage or any indication of seepage that may signal a potential future failure
  • Operational efficiency of fire protection equipment
  • Filling points and vents to ensure that all sealing is intact to prevent water ingress into the tank.
  • Correct operation of contents gauges and low-oil indicators to reduce the chances of running out of fuel, and incurring additional costs associated with system restarts
  • Security measures are functional to prevent oil theft.

This list is not exhaustive, but highlights the main areas to prevent any potential problems occurring.   Wherever possible, defects will be remedied whilst we are on site, utilising the range of spare tank filters, fittings and gauges carried in our service vehicles.   Dependent on the nature of the maintenance contract you have selected, such work may result in charges for additional labour, materials or replacement parts.   However, should the installation require substantial repairs we will provide a full written quotation before carrying out any work.

To set-up a Maintenance Contract, please contact us or use the enquiry form on this page.  We are also happy to arrange a site visit by one of our OFTEC registered technicians to provide you with a free quotation for the work you require.

For Domestic Oil Tank Maintenance Contracts – Think Sweetfuels!